The Profession of Nursing

The profession of nursing has been redefined as compare to previous times. It is well recognized and respected due to the fact that it now involves extensive knowledge, study, research obtaining a degree. The nurses have different fields of skills and specializations such as advanced nurse practitioner, nurse anesthesiologist, wound nurse, nurse case managers, etc. But there are other factors too, such as society and environment, culture. In some cultures, nursing is not considered an ideal profession because income is not satisfactory, work condition is tough. Nurses have less autonomy and respect and their image is negative because people are not aware that what nurses are capable of. Governments and institutions are not providing enough awareness and knowledge about the dignity of this profession. Only students low income and poor families are coming to this profession.

The factors that can influence the perception of nurses is continuing education and awareness. In my opinion, the public perception of nursing is based on who a nurse portray herself while providing patient care. A knowledgeable, well prepared and patient-focused nurse will have respect, dignity, and value. The attitude also plays an important role as this differentiate one nurse from the other. People always respect the nurses who are professional, knowledgeable, focused kind and respectful with a positive attitude.

There are several factors that can influence the scope of nurses including individual factors relating to professional development and continuity of education and preparation in the field. The other factors are work-related factors including a relationship with the doctors, health professionals, and other interdisciplinary health care team. The organizational factors like policies, practices, and providing benefits and acknowledging the contribution of nurses and providing respect and autonomy. The nurses should be a part of the legislative committee policy-making and shared governance so they can have a more defined role in their future. The general public should be educated about the role and importance of nursing through print and electronic media.