When composing any piece of written academic work – be it an essay, dissertation or review – it is important to employ a clear essay referencing system. There are several methods by which you may do this, though the choice may be made for you: some homework instructions specify how the work must be acknowledged, and indeed some universities or faculties specify which system students must use.

Why use a referencing system when writing academic papers?

It is crucial to acknowledge when you are drawing on another author’s text or academic ideas. Not only does this enhance your authority when discussing your chosen subject – you have clearly done your research – it also ensures that there can be no suggestion that you may be plagiarizing another’s ideas.

At, we ensure that all the papers are accompanied by a reference list or a bibliography using the style recommended in the instructions. This ensures that we give more accurate facts and figures for a particular topic. It gives a gesture to the examiner that accuracy and authenticated resources were used. By using citation in academic paper students give assurance to their teacher that material they are writing is proved previously. Basically citation is an extension to your work to show the reader that you have done a proper research on your work. It makes your work more re-presentable and impressive thus fetching high marks.