Changes in supply and demand


1. Find an article online illustrating a change in demand or supply in some market.


2. Analyze the situation using economic reasoning:


  • Has there been an increase or decrease in demand caused by changes in preferences, income, prices of related goods, or number of consumers in the market?
  • Has there been an increase or decrease in supply caused by changes in the cost of inputs, technology, or number of firms in the market?
  • As a result of the change, what happens to equilibrium price and quantity?
  • Thorough explanation of the economic principles is important.


3. Draw a supply & demand graph to explain this change. Be sure to label your graph and clearly indicate the which curve shifts and to what direction. (Again, use any Microsoft application in which you are comfortable or feel free to draw your graph freehand and scan your image.) This is not as difficult as it may first appear. You could find one online with similar qualities and alter it.